What Stats can I see?

What Stats can I see?

Under the statistics section you will find a summary for each of your campaigns or where you have not set a campaign.

The summary shows the number of visits to our website, the number of unique links and the number of conversions

The two keep statistics to look at are Visits and Converted, where converted is the number of unique form completions by visitors.

While you will receive notification each time your visitor completes a form on our website, the statistics only records them as 1 for converted.

Statistics 1024x413 - What Stats can I see?

Statistics are split between campaigns (where you have used campaign names in URLs). The table above shows the number of visits, Unique links, the number of conversions (where a visitor has completed on of our online forms) and the conversion rate.

Lifetime Customers

Once a visitor completes an online form on our website, they are linked to you as part of the affiliate programme, this means if in the future.
When a visitor clicks on your Referral URL and completes a form, they’re instantly linked to you. When the visitor returns and completes another form you will be notified, even if they visit our website directly.

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