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Meet Rodney Fleiszig. A seasoned business lending specialist and a valuable member of the Fifo Capital team. His expertise lies in supporting SMEs’ financial needs and collaborating with brokers to secure the necessary funding for growth and success.

We sat down to for an insightful conversation with Rodney as he shares his perspectives, tips, and more.

What inspired you to specialise in business lending?

I get excited seeing SMEs become great businesses. Collaborating with brokers creates a powerful synergy – they understand the clients’ needs, and I find the best solutions. This teamwork enables small businesses to get the funds they need fast and ensure they can reach their goals.

What aspect of working with SMEs do you find most fulfilling?

I enjoy helping businesses understand their cash flow and working capital, so they can continue to grow them.

Many businesses are still unfamiliar with working capital solutions. When you introduce this financing and it clicks — how it accelerates cash flow and aligns with unique business needs — that’s rewarding. And it’s even more satisfying to witness their progression over time, as they go from strength to strength. I find that immensely gratifying.

Can you share some success stories where your working capital finance has made a significant impact on businesses’ profitability?

One notable instance is helping a business that came out of receivership to trade profitably.

But there are numerous instances where we’ve partnered with businesses, either to bridge short-term gaps or as a strategic long-term approach, providing the right working capital solutions.

Ultimately, each business is unique, and the solutions we can offer depend on the specific circumstances. But what sets us apart is our ability to step in where big banks often can’t.

Even other lenders claiming to offer working capital solutions often fall short in terms of effectiveness. Our dedication to practical working capital solutions consistently positions us ahead of the competition.

When working with SMEs, how do you approach understanding their unique financing requirements and tailoring solutions to meet their specific needs?

I listen to their ambitions, pinpoint pain points, and assess their financials for the best solution. It’s straightforward and effective.

Transparency and clear communication are essential. How do you ensure these aspects are maintained throughout the lending journey?

The foundation of any successful relationship is to be honest and have clear communications with your client so they know their best interests are your first priority.

We outline terms, provide consistent updates, encourage questions, and prioritise clients’ interests, ensuring a successful partnership.

How do you effectively handle challenges that may arise during the lending process to ensure a smooth experience for the businesses you work with?

I make it my mission to respond to challenges thoughtfully and promptly so the client is not delayed in setting up a facility.

What sets you apart from other business lending experts when it comes to assisting SMEs and working with brokers?

I have been involved in various businesses for some time so I understand what owners experience and the effect the ups and downs have on cash flow/working capital.

What’s the one aspect you wish more SME businesses and the broader business community understood better about business finance and the lending process?

I think it’s important to always monitor your cash flow/working capital, and not to wait until the last minute to get advice when there are challenges.

Considering the future of business lending, what is your vision, and how do you envision Fifo contributing to its growth and evolution in partnership with brokers and SMEs?

My vision is for the Fifo team to be recognised as a responsive, dependable, and supportive partner that helps both brokers and SMEs get the funding they need.

In Australia, many SMEs still heavily rely on traditional loans, which can pose significant challenges for their businesses. It’s time to reshape our approach to funding for small businesses and embrace customised financing instead of sticking to outdated methods.

As businesses face mounting challenges, reassessing how businesses can attain financial sustainability is crucial.

Businesses and brokers are increasingly moving beyond what’s familiar to what the best solution is. This shift is leading more and more towards adopting working capital finance.

Ready to take the next step? Book an appointment with Rodney to explore how Fifo Capital can help your business thrive.

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