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Businesses are looking forward to a stronger 2022, says NAB

The imposition of lockdowns saw business conditions and confidence fall sharply in Q3. Conditions fell sharply but managed to remain in positive territory (down 17pts to +13 index points) as businesses displayed resilience built up through past lockdown experiences…

invoice factoring solutions

E-invoicing could save SMBs over $40,000 a year, study finds

According to SAP’s new report, “The connected SMB: Embracing digital strategies to fuel growth,” Australian small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) could save tens of thousands of dollars a year by transitioning to e-invoicing.  The report found that Australian SMBs process an average of 168 invoices each month. With a Deloitte study estimating that e-invoicing could deliver savings of up to $20 per invoice, Australian SMBs could save up…

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Navigating the thicket of ESG metrics

Sustainable investing may be gratifying for wealthy individuals and families, but it is far from simple. A lack of standards in the measurement and reporting of ESG (environmental, social and governance) products and funds can leave investors confused. And…

c746d41c3f2c2e1044f0a11de30fb2ea 770x501 - Why millions of Aussies are about to quit

Why millions of Aussies are about to quit

The Great Resignation is about to hit Australia with millions anticipated to quit their jobs. Thinking of joining? Read this first. If you’ve just come out of yet another stint of working from home through a lockdown, and you’re…

249c6263434c272f4fcde76583e90b4c - Aussie city with most ‘overvalued’ real estate

Aussie city with most ‘overvalued’ real estate

A global investment bank says house prices in a major Australian city are among the world’s most “overvalued” and on the brink of bubble territory. With Australian property prices hitting new and ever-crazier highs, and regulators circling, ready to…

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