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About Ian

Ian LeslieIan is a finance specialist committed to assisting small to medium sized enterprises manage cash flow in order to achieve business objectives. Ian’s rural upbringing provided him with a passion for small business as well as a first-hand understanding of the importance of cash flow in business.

After completing Degrees in Finance and Economics from Australian National University, Ian embarked on a career that has extended to roles with the likes of ANZ, Macquarie Bank and KPMG Corporate Finance. Ian enjoys using his experience to assist clients to strategically utilise Fifo Capital’s products to fund business growth and increase shareholder value. Ian’s experience enables him to form close relationships with clients and their advisors across all industries.

How I’ve helped and thoughts from the desk

Client Success Stories

Fifo Capital works closely with referral partners to support their clients, providing funding and service that everyone can appreciate.

Funding Strategies have been referring clients to Fifo Capital for over six months. It’s a growing relationship. So we thought we’d have a chat with Managing Director, Mark Rainbird, and find out what’s making his partnership with Fifo Capital such a success.

“We’re a corporate advisory and capital raising firm. We deal with growing and emerging companies, usually with turnovers of over $1 million in revenue. They come to us for funding and we take them on the journey to where they need to be. Within these companies there’s a group we’ve been referring to Fifo Capital. Generally it’s growing companies looking for expansion capital – and for us we find it useful to get them working capital through Fifo Capital until we can get the equity capital coming in. It’s quite a complimentary service. When we get the equity capital in, it strengthens the balance sheet and makes the business financially stronger.”

“In those situations we’ll do a referral. We give some background information on the client and Fifo Capital give them a call. We would assist a little bit in the background in terms of explaining to the client the general overview of the product. Then Fifo Capital take it forward in terms of the detail and the agreements, that sort of stuff.”

It certainly sounds like Fifo Capital has an important role to play with Funding Strategies’ clients. We were keen to understand from Mark what it is about working with Fifo Capital that makes it such a good solution for his clients.

“As an advisory service we have a network of partners that we rely on to provide services we can’t or don’t provide. The great thing with Fifo Capital is that there’s such flexibility around the offering. With Invoice Factoring you don’t have to do the whole book – you can react to the client’s needs – start small if you want to and do single invoices. You can get to know the product and it doesn’t interfere with other banking arrangements. We like the product and we rely on a strong relationship with Fifo Capital. Fifo Capital worked with us in the past so they understand our business well. We find it easy to work with them.”

“Fifo Capital are quite happy to come in and provide training or further information if we ask for it. They are also great at getting clients set up as early as possible so that when they do need the money it’s quick and easy. I think once clients are set up it’s pretty quick for them to do it again, and we do have clients who are now using the Fifo Capital product regularly. We feel confident referring our clients because we know they’ll be well looked after. ”

Funding Strategies and Fifo Capital are getting great results out of what Mark describes as their “synergistic partnership”. Great results in the form of satisfied clients and growing businesses: so it’s a successful relationship all round.