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Mark EdwardsMark Edwards has been a business partner at Fifo Capital for nearly four years and brings to the table over 20 years of experience in the banking sector – including lending and financial planning. Mark relishes helping businesses solve their cash flow challenges and in particular, drawing on on his ability to work outside the traditional lending rule book, offers customers ‘client focused’ solutions.

With a keen understanding of business, the red-tape involved in mainstream lending and the need to be on top of cash flow challenges, Mark specialises in helping clients in the transport, labour, civil construction, mining, and construction industries.

How I’ve helped and thoughts from the desk

Client success stories

Brian Collins is the owner and Director of DIEC Collins Logistics, an industrial cleaning business based in Queensland. He’s been working with Fifo Capital for more than a year, we took the opportunity to ask him why he chose Fifo Capital and what he thinks of their products and service.

“We started working with Fifo Capital over 12 months ago and we’re still utilising their services today. I started to work with them to support our cash flow. Our Company was successful in winning a large contract, due to procurement requirements payments had to be made through the principle contractor, this moved our payment terms of 15 days to 25 days from end of month from when invoices received to process for payment.

“The benefit of working with Fifo Capital NO COLLATERAL and selected invoices of our choosing, they provide funds within 48 hours of receiving our invoices. It helps us to maintain the flexibility to manage our other work commitments and cash flow as efficiently as possible. Brian is clear that it’s not just a flexible product that has allowed him to manage his cash flow needs, it’s the level of service and speed to react to his needs attributes a lot of this positive experience to his Fifo Capital Business Partner.

“Our Fifo Capital Business Partner is co-operative, polite nothing is too difficult that is why I had a very good working relationship with him as he’s excellent at what he does, open to suggestions and ideas and is easy to contact and quick to reply. “It’s the combination of a flexible product and a reliable Business Partner that has been the foundation to the success of Brian’s relationship with Fifo Capital. The resulting trust has allowed him to keep his business adapting and growing in a competitive marketplace, trust means that Brian is happy to share his recommendation to other businesses, so that they too can benefit from a great combination.

“Fifo Capital is precise and fair and I have no doubt about recommending them to other