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Looking for investment growth or your next business opportunity?

We’re looking for new partners to join our business finance network. Fifo Capital provides short-term finance to business clients. Since commencing business in 2004, we have established more than 70 offices across New Zealand and Australia, and provided business owners with over $850 million in growth capital. Find out more about our business opportunities below.

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Strong business returns is only part of the picture. With over 10 years operating across Australasia, Fifo Capital is a leading expert in business finance, and offers all partners the benefits of a model that has been tested and proven over many years. For a promising new business or investment opportunity and the lifestyle benefits this provides, register for our Prospectus today.

Invest only

Are you looking for a high-growth vehicle for your investment capital? Consider Fifo Capital. Our network of business finance specialists generate a high volume of opportunities to invest in short term business finance funding (usually up to three months). Achieve strong returns through secure, short-term business finance transactions.

Sell only

If you are an experienced sales person with a keen aptitude for business finance, Fifo Capital offers an exceptional opportunity to build a client portfolio which is funded by network investors. Put your sales skills to work, build a business and earn a healthy margin on client transactions with a high rate of repeat business.

Invest and sell

If you have both capital to invest in client transactions and want to build a business for your goals today and for future sale, Fifo Capital is an ideal opportunity. We offer both strong returns and a proven business model. Generate client transactions and either fund them 100% or share the funding with your Fifo Capital network partners.

Client testimonials

DIEC Collins Logistis

“Fifo Capital is precise and fair and I have no doubt about recommending them to other businesses.” Winning new contracts is good business, but the short-term cost of delivery can be a challenge. Find out how Fifo Capital bridged the gap. Read more

Melbourne Food Market

“Fifo Capital is a breath of fresh air. Their ability to see the potential business asset for what it actually is, is so rare.” A well-planned success story waiting to happen. Find out how Fifo Capital helped put this new business on the map. Read more

SC Consulting

“Everything Fifo Capital said they were going to do they did. It was quick, easy, and reliable.” Find out how Fifo Capital helped this established business manage and overcome a sudden and unexpected cash flow challenge. Read more

“By my six month, I exceeded my goals for the first year”

“The decision to join Fifo Capital has delivered beyond my wildest dreams. On the earnings front, by my sixth month in business I had already exceeded my goals for the first year and I hit the $1million mark in finance written for the month, in my 12th month. The average monthly business I have written for the last 12 months is $2.7M.” Mark Edwards, Fifo Capital Business Partner since 2011. Read more

The growing alternative business finance market

Alternative business finance solutions emerged in the 1980s in recognition that traditional lending does not always cater for the immediacy or flexibility needs of business. Credit refusal, long delays in accessing funds continues to business access to bank-based capital, which has in turn spurred continued growth of the alternative finance market.

Today, non-bank financiers are supporting business more so than ever, providing more flexible options to access capital vital for operations and growth. A growing market in which the Fifo Capital proposition is an ideal fit.