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About Fifo Capital

Fifo Capital provides short-term finance for businesses. Clients use our services to: (1) solve immediate cash flow challenges, and (2) to access capital needed to secure new opportunities or for business operations. Read More

Fifo Capital Australia’s Most Awarded Short-Term Business Finance Company

Since 2004, we have established more than 70 offices across New Zealand and Australia, and provided business owners with over $850 million in growth capital. Anyone who’s ever had anything to do with the accounts department in their business knows how important timing is. Whether it’s ensuring you can pay your suppliers on time, having the capital for an unexpected transaction, or quickly accessing funds to take advantage of an opportunity, it is always good to have a little extra on the side. But as many will know, such things are not always guaranteed.

It is here that a dependable and transparent short-term finance company can help. Short-term loans and financial solutions are a great way of optimising your accounts process to keep your cash flow going and improve your ability to adapt to a constantly shifting trade environment. Naturally, those who turn to such a solution will want to know that they are dealing with someone with experience and reputation.

Tailored Short Term Financial Solutions

For over 15 years, we’ve developed professional working relationships with Australian businesses where we have brought them personalised, effective, and time-efficient financial solutions. At Fifo Capital, Australia’s top short term finance company, we are made up of quick-thinking financial experts, all of whom recognise the value of accessible but secure funds for business and how they can provide the means for you to take up opportunities when they arise. The result is an award-winning supply chain short-term finance loans company in the perfect position to give your business the breathing space it needs to succeed.

The personalised services we offer are designed to complement other finance systems you already have in place. Once you have fully set up your account with us, we will offer a one-on-one consultation with a short term business finance specialist and be able to get funding over to you in as little as four hours. Dependent on your needs, we can offer:

  • Business loans – offered after we have taken a complete look at your business and discussed aspects like the equipment you might need, creditors you have, wages or unexpected costs. Invoice finance – useful for those with issues with cash flow or who need some extra financial resources for emerging business opportunities.
  • Supply chain finance – a debt-free option for those who might need to keep their supply chain moving seamlessly without securing it against real estate.
  • Trade finance – a facility that allows you to pay both local or international suppliers and get your goods sooner.

When you’ve made your initial contact with us to set up any short-term business finance in Australia, we can potentially set you up within 24 – 72 hours to get your account ready – all with a minimum of fuss and minimal paperwork you may find other financial products.

Contact Fifo Capital Today and Recieve Funding In As Little As 4 Hours

Whatever kind of funding you require for your business, we are ready to get started on a solution today. If you want to learn a little more before you apply for your financial solution, either email us or give us a call today and we will gladly guide you through our offers. Fifo Capital Finance also offers the following financial products:

Take a moment to look at our client stories and our blogs for a bit more insight into how we work, and when you’re ready, click ‘apply now’ to get started.

Once you’re through to our registration page, we’ll ask for a few simple details about your business, and we’ll start processing your application as soon as it’s in! Read Less

The One-on-One Difference

Central to the solutions we provide is one-on-one consultancy. Our network of finance experts, meet with clients and spend time understanding their business in order to deliver a purpose-fit solution; a solution that solves the immediate finance need, and which is suitable for both the short and longer term success of the business. The complexities of business finance demand the one-on-one approach, and we continually see the value of this in the success of our clients.

Working in Partnership with Banking Facilities

Clients seek the assistance of Fifo Capital for a short period of time when their bank is unable to help. Often this is due to their finance needs outpacing the traditional security options available; or where their need requires a response time that cannot be met by their bank. As Fifo Capital finance solutions are designed for these immediate short-term requirements, we can ‘solve the gap’ quickly for the window of time that the client falls outside of their bank’s criteria, for the specific finance need. Working in tandem with mainstream facilities ensures that clients can access funds for short-term business needs, without impacting the ongoing relationship with their bank.

Expert Solution Solvers

Very few businesses faced with an immediate finance need are best served by a vanilla solution. Our experience has highlighted that the value of a business finance expert tailoring a solution to a client’s specific needs is immeasurable. Our business finance experts are highly experienced, and have a wealth of knowledge about the mechanics, complexities and unique challenges and opportunities of different industries. This knowledge, coupled with one-on-one consultancy, means our experts are adept at quickly identifying purpose-fit finance solutions for clients.

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