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Key Insights

Part 1.

Adding Value to Your Business

The webinar designed to empower your business with actionable insights for unlocking trapped cash.

This session is all about sharing practical ideas that can be immediately applied to your business.

Part 2.

The Secret Weapon to Boost Your Growth

The secret weapon that boost profitability and growth? Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC):

We step through the power of CCC – a financial tool that measures the time from investing in stock to turning it back into cash. The game plan? Shorten your CCC and watch your tied-up capital shrink.

Part 3.

Two Paths to Freeing Up Cash

Smart Supplier Deals:

Dive into negotiations with suppliers using trade finance for discounts.

Picture this: a 5% discount with a very workable 1.5% trade finance cost.

Customer Connection:

Offer customers extended terms without sacrificing early payments.

Juggle late payments without damaging those precious customer ties.

Part 4.

Crunching the Numbers

Imagine a $100,000 invoice with a 5% supplier discount and 1.5% trade finance cost:

  • Lock in a $5,000 discount from your supplier.
  • Walk away with a $2,000 profit after trade finance costs.
  • Reduce your CCC by 30 days.

Part 5.

Double Play: Supplier and Customer Strategies

Blend both strategies for a cash flow cocktail that boosts profitability.

Part 6.

Tech Enablement

Use tech to:

  • Set up automatic supplier payment programs.
  • Organise suppliers for a seamless and scalable solution.

Part 7.

Quick Wins

Don’t overthink it – these strategies are about quick wins. Dive in and see the difference in your cash flow.

Pick solutions that flex when you need them. Keep a steady watch on your cash conversion cycle to stay nimble.

Part 8.

Bottom Line

The Cash Conversion Cycle is your secret weapon. Embrace tech, talk to your suppliers, and tweak those customer terms for big benefits with little fuss.

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SME Finance Accelerator

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