Invoice Finance Online

Enhancing Working Capital

Supply Chain Finance

Extend supplier credit-terms up to 90 days

Unsecured, off-balance sheet facilities

Just 3-steps to get started

Fund current and new invoices

A better way to manage your payables

An innovative working capital facility to pay suppliers on-time (or early for a small discount), whilst confidentially extending your credit terms up to 90 days.

Supports how you want to work with your suppliers

Extend terms with any suppliers

Benefit from supplier early payment discounts

Extend terms on any supplier’s invoice

Overseas and domestic suppliers

Request your facility now!

No-obligation enquiry and quick response

How it works. Three simple steps.

factoring step 1

Request a facility

indicative approval within minutes, and no lengthy application forms

Invoice factoring step 2

Add suppliers

add suppliers to your portal that you wish to use the facility with

Invoice factoring Step 3

Start extending terms

You can confidentially start extending the terms on your creditor’s invoices

Offer your suppliers early payment to increase your revenue or improve working capital

We all know suppliers will offer a discount for earlier payment. Use your Fifo Capital facility to maximise supplier discounts, generating revenue to improve your bottom-line or cover the costs of extending your terms.

Terms can be extended up to 90-days.