Paul joined Fifo Capital just under 10 years ago and within this time he has been able to help many businesses with cash flow and working cpaital in order to grow.

Not long ago, a client – the owner of an Adelaide roofing company – emailed the following to Paul:
“Hi Paul, I just wanted to write and say thanks. The service you’re providing my company has been extremely valuable. You have managed to pull us out of some sticky situations.”

It characterised what Paul is about – helping business owners through challenging times.

Here’s another from the owner of a Melbourne I.T. Company: “Paul, your service has been great and I would not hesitate recommending you to other clients in the future.”

These great endorsements are a result of Paul being 100% focused on satisfying the needs of his clients. It’s what he does. He treats his customers as individuals, listens to what they have to say, and then works hard to help them achieve their goals.

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