Partners in Western Australia

IMG 3289 1 370x370 - Brendan Lee

Brendan will happily discuss with you how the Fifo Capital facility can assist with funding your selected invoices.

Jason Starcevich - Jason Starcevich

Jason understands just how crucial it is to be able to provide rapid cash flow for businesses, allowing them to grow and expand. Drawing on his background as a civil engineer, he helps businesses within the construction and civil…

kim leedman 370x370 - Kim Leedman

“I will always be directly involved with a team of well-trained people to provide the highest level of customer service. We have successfully assisted clients’ working capital needs Australia-wide.”

Mark Occhiuto - Mark Occhiuto

One of Australia’s most experienced cashflow and working capital finance managers.

Paul Ransley 370x370 - Paul Ransley

Paul joined Fifo Capital just under 10 years ago and within this time he has been able to help many businesses with cash flow and working cpaital in order to grow. Not long ago, a client – the owner…

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