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Trade Finance

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Funding up to $2M

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BNPL financing for international & domestic trade

Make your working capital work for you  

By using our award-winning Trade Finance you can improve your margins, take advantage of new opportunities and put your cash where your business needs it most.

Whether it’s to help you pay costs when orders are delayed, or you need to fund new orders to grow your business.

Use Trade Finance as you need to, and take advantage of our generous terms and pre-payment features.

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Whether you’re a small business, an ASX listed company, or something in between — we can help you maximise the potential of your businesses assets using our innovative, smart and easy to establish finance options.


Trade Finance

Maximise your cash flow using a custom built Trade Finance facility. Pre-pay your suppliers and extend your terms up to 210 days. Once your facility is up and running you can start paying your suppliers, same-day. 


  • Business operating for more than 12 months
  • Active ABN or ACN
  • More than $40K per month or $480K per annum turnover


  • From 7.5% per annum*

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Features & benefits

  • Funding up to $2M
  • 100% advance 
  • Up to 210 day terms, minimum of 7 days
  • Supplier early payment option
  • Have a facility set up in as little as 1 week                
  • Same-day payments to suppliers once your facility is up and running
  • Option to keep financing undisclosed to your suppliers        

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How it works

We’ll custom build a Trade Finance facility to suit your needs. With Fast Track Finance you can be up and running in as little as a week. 

Step 1.

Upload your supplier invoice to Fifopay & select when you want the invoice paid

Step 2.

Use your Fifo facility to pay the invoice

Step 3.

Repay your Fifo facility up to 210 days after the invoice date

Things you should know

*Rates are indicative only. Rates are subject to market conditions and individual application qualifications, including the lending period, loan type, credit score, purpose and loan to value.

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Frequently asked questions

Trade finance refers to the financial instruments and products used by businesses engaged in trade to facilitate the exchange of goods and services.
This includes both international and domestic trade.

To qualify for trade finance, businesses need to show trade activity, creditworthiness, collateral (if required), documentation to support the application, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
Meeting these requirements and demonstrating a strong track record of trade activity, creditworthiness, and compliance can increase a business’s chances of being approved for trade finance products and services.
Additionally, some specific product eligibility criteria may apply depending on the type of trade finance product or service they are seeking.
For trade finance funding, we require businesses to have been operating for at least 12 months, have an active ABN or ACN, and meet minimum monthly and/or annual turnover requirements.

Trade finance offers businesses involved in both domestic and international trade a variety of financial products and services.
These services range from financing the purchase of goods to managing risks associated with cross-border transactions, providing valuable support for businesses engaged in trade.

Our funding options start from as little as $50K and go up to $2M.
Depending on the needs and circumstances of your business, we can offer you one or more finance solutions across trade, invoice, supply chain finance and/or a short-term business loan.
Our experienced team takes the time to understand your business needs and goals, so we can provide you with the right finance solutions that meet your current needs.

To start this process, simply get in touch with our team, or complete an application online using Fifopay.

Standard requirements are:
– ABN or ACN
– Financial documents

We only ever ask for the documentation we need in order to assess your business’ circumstances.

We offer two streams of funding: Fast Track Finance and Custom Built Solutions.

Designed for SME businesses, our Fast Track Finance allows you quick access to funding, up to $500K.

We specialise in providing fast and flexible funding solutions for businesses through our range of finance facilities, including invoice finance, supply chain finance, trade finance, and business loans.

With our streamlined application process, we can give you an indicative offer within just 24 hours and get funding to you in as little as a week.

For businesses that need larger amounts of funding — $500K-$2M — we offer bespoke finance options through our Custom Built Solutions. Our team will create a finance facility that best suits your business within 2-3 weeks.

For businesses requiring fast access to larger funds, we can offer a combination of the two streams — by providing pre-approval up to $500K — in order to assist you to get the funds you need sooner. To get the ball rolling, get in touch with our team.

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Our lending solutions combine the best aspects of traditional lending with modern innovations, offering faster turnaround times, flexible terms, and generous facilities for businesses with strong financials.

Whether you require immediate cash flow solutions or expert guidance to elevate your business finances, our team is here to assist youhe funding you need, when you need it.

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