Business finance and working capital solutions for Australian SMEs.

The Business Loan Dilemma: Why SMEs Need a Working Capital Revolution

SMEs face an ongoing battle for financial stability, often struggling to secure the funding they need for growth. Traditional banks and ‘alternative’ lenders with their business loans have left SMEs facing genuine financial dilemmas. Mark Occhiuto, Head of Sales at Fifo Capital, explains why working capital finance is the real solution. SMEs are the backbone […]

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SME Finance Accelerator for CFOs: Unlock Profitability in 60 Minutes

Our upcoming webinar is designed to equip you with the tools and strategies you need to overcome these obstacles and drive your profitability to new heights. In this one-hour session, you’ll gain valuable insights into:

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Fifopay: Finalist in the Finder Innovation Awards 2023

Fifo Capital, a leading innovator in SME financial solutions, is thrilled to announce that its cutting-edge cash flow management platform, Fifopay is a finalist in the prestigious Finder Innovation Awards 2023. This nomination is a resounding endorsement of Fifopay’s dedication to transforming SME finance and empowering businesses to take control of their cash flow, enhance […]

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How to Navigate ATO Debt: Tailored Financial Solutions for SMEs

Fifo’s ATO Debt Finance Solutions In today’s challenging economic climate, Australian SMEs are confronting an increasingly pressing issue – heightened scrutiny by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) over unpaid tax debts. With over 9,000 SMEs now under the ATO’s watch due to overdue tax payments, businesses are feeling the urgency to address this issue promptly. […]

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How to Maximise the Benefits of Business Acquisition Loans

Business acquisition loans offer a wealth of advantages for established business owners looking to grow and diversify their operations through strategic acquisitions. In this section, we will delve deeper into the benefits of securing a business acquisition loan, shedding light on why it’s a preferred choice for many savvy entrepreneurs. What You Need to Know […]

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Broker’s Guide to Helping SMEs Become More Profitable Clients

Guiding SME clients to success can be tricky. The harsh truth: many SMEs face formidable financial challenges, contributing to a high business failure rate in their early years. In Australia, nearly half (48%) of startups falter before their fourth year, with a quarter closing within their first 12 months.SMEs are up against the odds as […]

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