Fifo Capital Receives Major Awards at the WeMoney Business Awards 2022

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Fifo Capital is proud to announce that it has won two major awards at the WeMoney Business Awards 2022: the Best Business Loan Award and the Best Trade Finance Award.

The WeMoney Business Awards recognise excellence in business finance.

This year, Fifo Capital was chosen from a competitive field of contenders for its exceptional customer service and innovative solutions for businesses.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be recognised for our efforts in the business lending and growth solutions space,” said Wayne Morris, CEO of Fifo Capital.

“Our commitment to helping businesses reach their goals is our top priority and we are honoured that the WeMoney Business Awards has recognised that.”

Fifo Capital provides flexible, tailored finance solutions for businesses.

The lender has been a growing force in commercial lending in Australia over the past 15 years, not only through its innovative products and services – the lender has also been an active advocate for the need to change the way that Australian businesses and the wider community conceive of finance.

The award win, especially the major Best Business Loan award, is a testament to the growing recognition of the role working capital solutions can play in the business community.

By providing superior, long-term finance solutions, Fifo Capital is demonstrating that these solutions can revolutionise the way businesses manage their finances and help them to maximise their potential.

The recognition of this achievement is a sign of the changing landscape of the business community and the acceptance of the value these solutions can bring.

Morris said: “It’s taken a while but we’re finally seeing the Australian business community catch up to the likes of the UK and Europe, with more and more Australian businesses taking advantage of working capital solutions. Appreciating the powerful benefits that these alternative finance options provide businesses.”

“We are passionate about helping businesses succeed,” said Morris. “Our solutions are tailored to each business’s needs and provide them with the resources to reach their goals. We’re proud that the WeMoney Business Awards has recognised our efforts.”

Fifo Capital is committed to continuing to provide innovative solutions for businesses and is looking forward to helping more businesses reach their potential.

About Fifo Capital

Fifo Capital is a leading provider of business finance and working capital solutions. With years of experience delivering innovative products, services and tech to help businesses succeed. 

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