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We are excited to introduce Eka Inall, the newest member of the esteemed Fifo Capital operations team.

Eka is a detail-oriented professional with extensive international experience. Her background includes expertise in exports, trading, sales, management, operations, and customer service leadership within agriculture, food, and finance sectors.

With a proven track record, Eka excels in overseeing client relationships, managing operations and procurement, and identifying growth opportunities. Having worked in Australia, Indonesia, and the United States, Eka is a fluent communicator in English and Indonesian, enabling seamless interactions with global partners.

We sat down with Eka to get her insights on the Fifo way of life and finance.

At Fifo Capital, excellent customer service is one of our core values. Can you share your values when it comes to working with clients and how you aim to deliver exceptional service?

Building genuine rapport with clients to gradually build trust as once you enjoy a solid rapport, the rest will fall into place. Being a good listener is critically important, as is showing empathy when required. Importantly, understanding the clients’ needs, more than just the financial requirements, underpins good customer service.

In your previous roles, how have you ensured effective communication and collaboration with clients to understand their financial needs and provide tailored solutions?

I have always taken the time to regularly check in with clients as I am genuinely interested in their wellbeing and business growth. This relationship and overall holistic approach often led to more business for the financier.

How do you believe your past experience in finance and small business ownership will contribute to providing knowledgeable support to clients at Fifo Capital?

Having had the experience of growing a business from the ground up provided me with significant first-hand experience in knowing what’s important, what works and what needs to be done, in order to build and stay in the business.

Drawing on my experience as a former business owner and knowledge in business finance provided me with a deeper layer of understanding of clients’ financial positions and business plans. This combination enables me to deliver exceptional support to clients at Fifo Capital.

As an experienced small business owner yourself, what specific strategies or approaches do you believe are critically underutilised by SMEs that Fifo Capital can help them leverage?

SMEs should have a deeper connection and rapport with their financier as this relationship needs to be win-win for both parties. SMEs are encouraged to work closer with their finance provider for ongoing support and trust to assist in consolidating and growing the business.

What do you consider the key factors that contribute to building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with clients, ensuring they continue to trust and rely on Fifo Capital’s services?

Providing continued support to clients, regular check ins, help client reviewing their current business situation as well as business goals and assist in customising a solution to support their business to grow.

Most common insight or pain point you encounter when discussing finance with businesses?

Interest rates often take the spotlight for clients, overshadowing the opportunities we can offer to exceed their business expectations. However, building rapport not only earned their trust to grow their business but also led to referrals, fuelling our growth. Now, in my second week with Fifo Capital, I see how we customise lending facilities, support changing needs, and offer faster turnarounds, flexible terms, and generous facilities for clients’ businesses to flourish.

Best thing about being part of the Fifo Capital team?

Joining Fifo Capital is an exciting opportunity for me. The company’s mission and culture are invigorating, fostering camaraderie among team members, and driving better overall returns. I’m thrilled to be a part of this growing company.

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