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Enhancing Working Capital

Supply Chain Finance

Extend supplier credit-terms to 90 days

Unsecured, off-balance sheet facilities

Just 3-steps to get started

Fund old and new invoices

Supply Chain Finance

A better way to manage your payables

An innovative working capital facility to pay suppliers on-time (or early for a small discount), whilst confidentially extending your credit terms up to 90 days.

Supports how you want to work with your suppliers

Extend terms with any suppliers, even COD

Benefit from supplier early payment discounts

Extend terms on any supplier’s invoice

Overseas and domestic suppliers

debtor factoring

Supply Chain Finance – 3 simple steps

factoring step 1

Request a facility

indicative approval within minutes, and no lengthy application forms

Invoice factoring step 2

Add suppliers

add suppliers to your portal that you wish to use the facility with

Invoice factoring Step 3

Start extending terms

You can confidentially start extending the terms on your creditor’s invoices

Offer your suppliers early payment to increase your revenue or improve working capital

We all know suppliers will offer a discount for earlier payment. Use your Fifo Capital facility to maximise supplier discounts, generating revenue to improve your bottom-line or cover the costs of extending your terms.

Terms can be extended up to 90-days.

Request your facility now!

No-obligation enquiry and quick response

Still not sure if Supply Chain Finance is right for you?

Arrange a no-obligation demonstration to see how you can extend your supplier credit-terms. In addition, we’ll show you how our dedicated STREAM platform provides complete working capital solutions for your business and support for your suppliers.

STREAM is the easiest way to engage your suppliers offering easy to use payables management – allowing them to know the status of every invoice and request early payment*. We’ve built the platform with your supplier chain in mind.




Fifo Capital Supply Chain Finance is a non-recourse product and typically we require no security from you or your business*.

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What our clients say

"An easy way to work with our suppliers, so that they get paid when they need and we can pick and choose our payment dates. Being unsecured means we're not carrying any risk by helping our suppliers, yet we enjoy the benefits of better terms."

− Manufacturing Company, Victoria, Australia

"Many of our subbies and suppliers previously used invoice factoring, which we have little control over. Now with Fifo Capital, we have a much better and fairer way of supporting them. They can choose early payments without any debt and we know our supply chain is stronger, and importantly the additional revenue we earn drives higher profits on our jobs."

− Construction Company, Queensland, Australia

"Sceptical at first, but Fifo's claims are true, we've given no security, can help our suppliers and its making a difference to our profits. Very different way of financing and highly recommended and worth investigating."

− Manufacturing Company, New South Wales, Australia