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How it works. Four simple steps.

factoring step 1

Choose your suppliers

Choose how many of your suppliers you’d like to use Supply Chain Finance with.

Invoice factoring step 2

Approve Invoices

You select and approve the supplier invoices that qualify and your suppliers will be notified.

Invoice factoring Step 3

Early Payment

Your suppliers receive non-recourse settlement of their invoices on the early payment date they select.

invoice factoring Step 4

Extended Terms

When approving invoices, you can opt to extend your terms and pay us later than the invoice due date.

Apply and use Online Supply Chain Finance

Typically unsecured, our online supply chain finance solution is a fast, flexible way to fund your purchases whilst strengthening your supply chain. We don’t lock you into long-term contracts, pride ourselves on a straight-forward experience and deliver funding fast.

Supply Chain Finance.

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Fuss-free, no obligation Demonstration

Experience a no-obligation demonstration and find out how STREAM our online platform can benefit your business.

STREAM’s comprehensive and simple to use website functionality means that there is no faster, easier way to pay your suppliers.

We’ll show you:

  • How your suppliers can effortlessly request early settlement of invoices and we’ll pay the invoices you approve.
  • How you can extend credit-terms with us and pay us later than you’d normally pay your suppliers.
  • How you can share in the financial benefits created by paying your suppliers early.

Remember: Fifo Capital Supply Chain Finance is a non-recourse product and typically we require no security from you or your business*.

* Subject to status

What our clients say

"Fifo Capital easily met my short deadline and delivered exactly what he promised at a time when the growth of my business required our debtor funds to survive. Fifo Capital's support allowed our business to grow at a rate that would not have been possible without this funding facility. "

− Packaging Company, Victoria, Australia

"Fifo Capital are co-operative and nothing is too difficult - I have a very good working relationship with them. They're excellent at what they do, open to ideas, easy to contact and quick to reply"

"Fifo Capital being able to do one or two invoices only is a massive advantage for businesses looking for flexibility."