How Australian businesses can gain more certainty in uncertain times

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As we hurtle towards the unknowns of 2023 — now is the time to start finding better ways to strengthen and improve your business.

There’s no escaping the fact that businesses keep getting dealt new challenges. From record low unemployment making successful recruitment seem like winning the lottery, to skyrocketing inflation, lingering supply chain issues and more.

Yet for some, 2022 was a snapback year with new opportunities emerging and some sectors seeing unprecedented growth opportunities.

The certainty of uncertainty is leading more and more business owners to reassess the way they manage, operate, and finance their business.

A shift in mindset

Having security in your business, your finances and your own personal assets is important to business running owners and to the wellbeing of your business.

But in order to access this safety net. The biggest change that needs to happen is a shift in your mindset.

No, we’re not talking positive mindset or any self help manifesto. What we’re talking about is rethinking the way you approach your finance and the way you operate your business.

Sound hard? It’s really not.

If you want to improve your business and be better ready to react and respond, take advantage of new opportunities or minimise risks — then you need to have access to the funds you need to act.

Making the most of working capital

Too many Australian businesses have had a tendency to shy away from using more powerful and innovative forms of business finance.

Whatever the reason for it, the businesses pay a cost for not embracing these fit for purpose finance solutions. A one track approach to business finance is a risk that no business can really afford to be stuck on.

Businesses that make the switch to more progressive forms of finance — will be the defining characteristic for businesses that manage to end 2023 on a high.

Now’s the time

Australian businesses are increasingly turning to working capital solutions to help manage their cash flow.

In fact, a recent survey by the Reserve Bank of Australia found that the number of businesses using these solutions had increased by 10% in the last quarter.

The key message for businesses as we close out the year: don’t wait. Now is the time to embrace innovation, protect your business and put yourself in a better place to manoeuvre the unknown challenges and opportunities in the coming year and years ahead.

Take the next step and level up your business

We specialise in helping SME and corporate businesses to improve their cash flow and their overall business, using their working capital.

Once you understand how to use working capital effectively, you can access a whole new level of potential benefits, discounts and security for your business and your supply chain.

Our dedicated team can help you understand the different ways you can put your working capital to task and get you set up in as little as 24 hours. Book an obligation free 15-minute consultation.

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