Fifopay: Finalist in the Finder Innovation Awards 2023

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Finder Innovation Awards Finalist Fifopay

Fifo Capital, a leading innovator in SME financial solutions, is thrilled to announce that its cutting-edge cash flow management platform, Fifopay is a finalist in the prestigious Finder Innovation Awards 2023. This nomination is a resounding endorsement of Fifopay’s dedication to transforming SME finance and empowering businesses to take control of their cash flow, enhance profitability, and secure a more prosperous future.

The Finder Innovation Awards, renowned for recognising excellence in the finance and technology sectors, have acknowledged Fifopay’s commitment to driving innovation and offering groundbreaking financial solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This recognition underscores the significance of Fifopay’s contribution to the financial landscape in Australia.

Fifopay: A Pioneer in SME Finance

Fifopay takes pride in its mission to revolutionise SME finance. With a dedicated focus on SMEs, Fifopay has dedicated its efforts to providing tailored support that meets the unique needs of these businesses.

Wayne Morris, CEO of Fifo Capital, said, “The reality is that 98% of businesses are SMEs. It’s imperative to acknowledge that these businesses overwhelmingly operate within a system that predominantly caters to the remaining 2%.”

“At Fifo, our mission is to ensure SMEs receive the support and opportunities they deserve. With Fifopay, SMEs gain access to the type of finance typically reserved for large corporations and big businesses. Using Fifopay, you have all the tools at your fingertips, along with the built-in intelligence to simplify and elevate financial decision-making within your business, ultimately improving your operations and your bottom line.”

By offering SMEs their very own digital CFO and empowering them with cash-on-demand finance solutions, Fifopay enables businesses to improve profitability, take control of their cash flow, and secure a more prosperous future.

Celebrating Innovation and Impact

The nomination for the Finder Innovation Awards serves as a testament to Fifopay’s unwavering commitment to innovation and its relentless pursuit of financial solutions that drive positive change for SMEs. The company is honoured to be recognised alongside other notable names in the finance and technology sectors.

A Special Offer for SMEs

To celebrate this achievement, Fifopay is offering a limited-time promotion for SMEs. Throughout this month, businesses can visit the Fifopay website at to schedule a free demo. By signing up this month, they can take advantage of this exclusive promotion to experience the benefits of having their very own digital CFO.

About Fifopay

Fifopay is a pioneering force in the SME finance industry. With a strong emphasis on empowering Australian SMEs, Fifopay provides tailored solutions designed to help businesses take control of their cash flow and secure their financial future. By offering cash-on-demand finance and AI-led digital CFO technology, Fifopay is committed to improving the profitability and sustainability of SMEs across Australia.

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