Don’t let your cash flow or working capital slow down your business.


With innovative finance options suitable for businesses from all industries, we offer bespoke cash flow solutions between $5,000 and $10,000,000.

Innovators Among Invoice Financing Companies

Back in 2005, Fifo Capital Finance Australia saw a gap in the market for helping small businesses manage the irregular rhythms of ingoing and outgoing cash. We noticed unpaid invoices being a massive factor in issues with payroll, maintenance, acquiring or maintaining stock and inventory, and other regular concerns for business owners. We quickly began offering our innovative approach to invoice finance, and since then, thousands of Australian businesses have benefitted from our services.

By getting immediate funding for your invoices (invoice finance), you avoid having to delay any orders, shipments, and wages to employees due to missing money. Any money due in invoices already belongs to you; why shouldn’t you be able to use it exactly when you need it? That’s just good business sense. To aid in this, Fifo Capital forwards up to ninety percent of your invoice amount. This is beneficial for everyone involved: your business doesn’t suffer any delays, your customer isn’t harried to pay before they’re ready, and we receive your business.

How Does Invoice Financing Work?

Time is money, so we begin working as soon as you’ve applied with your dedicated invoice finance services professional. How quickly we can forward your funds may depend on our relations; if you’re using our services for the first time, it may take around 24 hours for us to review your application and secure your financing. If you’re a repeat customer, it will likely be no longer than 4 hours!

We ask you to raise the tax invoice in question and sent to us , and once that’s done, we confirm the amount of funding you’re looking for. You’ll receive anywhere from 80-90% of the invoice forwarded to you immediately, and the remainder will be sent to you once the customer has paid us in full. We deduct any fees and service charges from that remainder rather than the immediate advance to make sure we can offer you as much immediate cash as possible.

Leveraging Positive Invoice Finance to Grow Your Company

There are times in business where patience is required, and we have to wait to reap financial rewards. We have to take a measured approach if things are uncertain and protect the assets we already have if we have no clue as to what is coming in. That being said, when we know for certain when there is money that is only tied up in paperwork and administration processes, it can be only frustrating, especially if we have other interests that need taking care of.

It’s this kind of issue that positive invoice finance has developed to resolve. It is understandable that different clients have different payment methods and that there are times when money is slowed up as it moves through the system. It is a big part of business. But smart business people, once they have worked out what presents a risk and what presents a certainty, know that these systems can be navigated quickly and effectively using sensible invoice factoring.

A Multi-Purpose Facility

As responsible financiers, we have put together an innovative approach to invoice finance in Australia, the heart of which is a desire to streamline your financial schedule into one fluid process. We prefer to look beyond the outdated approaches adopted by some factoring loan companies, personalising our approach with a single point of contact for every customer. This has made our invoice factoring in Victoria a very popular service amongst all kinds of industries, for all kinds of purposes. Some of the problems we have helped to solve includes:

Positive Invoice Finance For Wages

There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing you have an invoice waiting to be paid by your customer while your deadline for payroll is coming up. Your team has worked hard, and they must be fairly remunerated on time; otherwise, you might risk poor staff morale, potential conflict and a weakening of trust between you and your team. With our quick invoice factoring service, you need not wait for the invoice to be paid to process payroll. You can use the money it brings in before it has even come into your account, and you can settle it later on.


Whether you are a construction company, retail outlet or industrial processing warehouse, there will be times you have to restock your raw materials or products. In all industries, time is of the essence, but it is also common to find that the timings between payment and supply can stall the process and make reordering difficult if you don’t have ready cash. With a cash advance invoice, you need not wait for someone to pay your invoice so that you can pay your suppliers.

Invoice Finance for Equipment

It is rare to find any industry that does not have high expectations of its professional equipment. As your business grows, you may want higher quality equipment to accommodate, or if you have old technology that requires updating or repair, this can be costly too. If you are waiting on that customer to pay an invoice so that you can get your new laptop, coffee machine, or vehicle, for instance, taking advantage of commercial invoice factoring can be a really useful way of speeding up the process.

Why Fifo Capital Invoice Financing Services Are Different

At Fifo Capital, we’re looking to be fully informed and understanding every step of the way. That’s why you’ll be speaking to the same support proffessional each time you contact us. By having a single regular point of contact, we make sure each of our customers is working with someone who understands the intricacies and particulars of your business and serves them appropriately.

Contact Fifo Capital Finance and Recieve Funding In As Little As 4 Hours

With a range of finance options available and excellent standing both in Australia and internationally, you’ve found one of the best invoice financing companies anywhere in the world. Fifo Capital Finance also offers the following financial products:

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Our funding solutions are designed to work together to you get the maximum finance amount of funding - the choice is yours. We’ll work with you to help deliver the best financial outcome to help your business grow. Invoice Finance will deliver you fast cash flow, whilst our Payables Finance preserves your working capital.

How it works

value -
Invoice Finance

1Invoice customer

2Send us the invoice

3We advance up to 90% of the invoice value within 4 hours

value -
Payable Finance

1Your supplier sends you an invoice

2You approve the invoice

3We pay the supplier on or before the due date, and you extend terms up to 150 days!


value -
Invoice Finance
  • 24 hour approval & setup
  • 4 hour funding
  • Available when & as needed
  • Single or multiple invoice
  • No lock-in contract period
  • No real estate security!
value -
Payable Finance
  • Suitable for domestic suppliers
  • & International Suppliers
  • Extend your payment terms
  • Help your supplier’s cash flow
  • Negotiate better supplier terms!


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