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How it works. Four easy steps.

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Unpaid Invoices

You have unpaid invoices and need funding for short term cash flow.

Invoice factoring step 2

Fifo Capital solution

We talk, work out what you need and for how long, and verify the details.

Invoice factoring Step 3

Transfer funds

We transfer funds – usually within 4 business hours – based on the value of the invoice/s.

invoice factoring Step 4

Customer pays

When due, your customer pays the value of the outstanding invoice/s to us.

Apply and use Online Invoice Factoring as and when you need

Secured against one or more invoices (not real estate), our online invoice finance service is a fast, flexible way to fund immediate cash flow needs. We don’t lock you in to long term contracts, pride ourselves on a straight-forward experience and deliver funding fast.

Fast invoice factoring.

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  • Register using our quick 3 minute form – obligation free
  • During business hours, we’ll be in touch within an hour to discuss your needs and how we can help
  • From agreeing terms, we target 24 hours or less to transfer the needed funding to your bank account
  • If you use our service again, invoices can be funded within 4 hours
  • Register for an immediate cash flow need, or simply to find out about how our service could support your business finance needs in the future
  • Review our Terms and Conditions to the left for more detail.

What our clients say

"Fifo Capital easily met my short deadline and delivered exactly what he promised at a time when the growth of my business required our debtor funds to survive. Fifo Capital's support allowed our business to grow at a rate that would not have been possible without this funding facility. "

− Packaging Company, Victoria, Australia

"Fifo Capital are co-operative and nothing is too difficult - I have a very good working relationship with them. They're excellent at what they do, open to ideas, easy to contact and quick to reply"

"Fifo Capital being able to do one or two invoices only is a massive advantage for businesses looking for flexibility."