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Enhancing Working Capital and Cash Flow
An innovative unsecured and off-balance sheet solution requiring no CAPEX offers attractive rates of return


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An Innovation in Finance – STREAM

Fifo Capital Supply Chain Finance is uniquely designed innovation to connect businesses and their suppliers so they can both trade on the terms they want.


Through STREAM, our secure online platform, using our funds and technology your clients can now offer suppliers early payment of invoices, whilst extending their own terms.


Suitable for all businesses, even if they are already factoring or discounting their own invoices!


STREAM – The Online Supply Chain Finance Platform

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Fifo Capital Supply Chain Finance changes the way businesses trade together. Learn how businesses can pay and get paid on the terms they want without giving security or personal guarantees. Discover how we’re re-writing the way businesses trade.

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Exclusive and attractive remuneration packages for brokers and ‘Approved Introducers’ for the lifetime of a client who uses Fifo Capital Supply Chain Finance.

Complete support

We offer a free of charge, zero-commitment, confidential suitability check of your clients, helping you identify which of your clients are eligible.

Plus, our “Approved Introducers” get the added advantage of on-site training or webinars as well as customer presentations and marketing material. With a team of Fifo Capital people in every capital city and state – we’ll make it easy for you to boost your sales.

Unsecured solution

No CAPEX required. Fifo Capital Supply Chain Finance is an innovative unsecured and off-balance sheet solution which offers an attractive rate of return for your clients. Plus, it gives them the ability to extend their payment terms whilst supporting their suppliers with early settlement of invoices.

Client testimonials

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Melbourne Food Market

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SC Consulting

“Everything Fifo Capital said they were going to do they did. It was quick, easy, and reliable.” Find out how Fifo Capital helped this established business manage and overcome a sudden and unexpected cash flow challenge. Read more