Brendan’s credit risk experience, and his dedication to providing a quality service for his clients, has seen him become a highly valued specialist within Fifo Capital – always ensuring a fast, efficient process for clients.

Following the completion of his Commerce Degree, in 2012 Brendan joined the Fifo Capital credit department in Melbourne, and swiftly became skillful in identifying the most suitable solutions from the suite of Fifo Capital facilities. Today, Brendan is now a Partner of Fifo Capital, specialising in the following;

  • Selective Invoice Finance
  • Receivables Finance
  • Progress Claim Funding
  • Import/Trade Finance
  • Purchase Order Finance
  • Corporate Supply Chain Finance
  • China Trade Finance

Invoice Finance is the most freely-available and flexible form of funding for businesses, and is an exceptional complement to the traditional funding products offered by banks.

Supply Chain Finance changes the way businesses pay their suppliers. Fifo Capital provides accelerated payments to suppliers whilst allowing our clients to extend their own credit-terms, maximising working capital for growth and additional profit – benefiting both ends of the supply-chain.

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